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The commander of Area 88 is Arslanian Prince Saki Vashutal, though his royal heritage means nothing there.

Also prominent on the base are war photographer Go "Rocky" Mutsugi (presented as Makoto Shinjou in the 2004 anime), Danish pilot Greg Gates (later featured in the video game adaptation), and the numerous pilots with whom Shin flies (most of them die over the course of the series, often in the issue in which they were introduced).

A rebel weapon called the Grand Slam is basically a ballistic missile modified with a drill machine.

There was also other exotic weaponry, none of which appeared in either anime adaptation.

Each version of the Area 88 told slightly different variations on the same basic premise, and often shared individual story arcs.

However, there are several key differences between each version, especially in the endings.

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Note, however, this is directly contradicted by a scene in the third part of the OVA in which we see a calendar in Shin's room during his discharge, the date being Monday, Sept. It's more likely that the animators in fact were in error, both about the days of the week, and about the date of service of the F/A-18 (although its predecessor, the YF-17 could explain the date inconsistency considering the similarity of design), as they had made a similar error with the F-14 Tomcat in the second part of the OVA, depicting the F-14 in a bombing run over Vietnam, when the plane did not see actual combat action (however, it did participate in the American withdrawal from Saigon by providing fighter escort to the helicopters carrying fleeing refugees).The themes in Area 88 mostly revolve on the Vietnam War and those who have participated in it.

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